Sunday, February 14, 2016

How I use my Oils Everyday

You just got your Premium Starter Kit, so exciting!!!
Open it up, get everything what??!!

Ill share how I use my kit to help you start out. 

First get a big glass of water, in a glass cup, & put in 2 drops of lemon.  Drink up!!
Helps your body detox, non toxic, good for you water flavorings.   Remember 8 glasses of water a day!

Best part of the Essential Oil Kit for me is the diffuser!!  Goes on every morning & every evening.  Our family go to is Thieves!  Smells amazing, but also kills germs & bacteria in the air. 

No into the shower.  I have changed over all of our skin care products to natural, non toxic, chemical free products.  I make a few things also.  Below is my Face Serum & Face Cleanser I use every day.  Lots of goodies in there including Frankincense.  Amazing for skin care. 

After the shower, my perfume.  Stress Away!!!  Working mommy of 2, wife & Type A personality - this is a must have for me. 

I drink lots of water threw out the day.  Another fav of mine is Citrus Fresh. 

Lets see, I use thieves on my feet to help boost my Immune system.  On kids every day as well!
RC for my Sinus pain & issues.
Peppermint for belly issues, alertness, mental stimulant.
Panaway - Arthritis pain, sore muscles
 I will be offering a Medicine Cabinet Makeover Class coming soon!!

At bed time, Lavender!!  On our feet.  Use in a spray bottle on our bedding. 

Are you interested in starting an oily lifestyle???
Want to get your own kit of 11 bottles of endless possibilities??
If you would like to join my team, contact me & lets chat! 
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Already on my team, Ill help you dig in!! 

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